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The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) represents nearly 2 million service workers, including nearly 150,000 janitors and 75,000 security officers throughout North America.

SEIU members work primarily in health care, public service delivery, and property services. As working people they participate in more than 50 state, county and municipal pension funds, as well as 19 private pension funds. Together, these funds total more than $1 trillion in assets.

The goal of our responsible contractor program – as is the case with other similar programs adopted by local, state and federal government agencies – is to improve working conditions, lower worker-turnover, improve training standards and generally improve positive outcomes for security officers, janitors, contractors, managers and owners.

We often find the same corporate employers who fail to treat their employees with dignity, respect and fairness are also failing to be responsible corporate citizens in other areas. Missteps in responsible contracting can affect the lives of working people, as well as a company’s ability to provide reliable services.

Using a responsible contractor helps your company receive the benefit of a highly skilled and motivated workforce, providing quality service. By working with employees to provide better pay and benefits, responsible contractors are able to improve workforce stability and reduce the risk of labor disruption.

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